Submit your pizza application

Apply HERE to be one of our official pizza providers for this year.

What's in it for you?

• Your pizza and company name will be part of

   the annual Jon Montgomery Pizza Pigout!
• Two complimentary tickets for the event

   ($100 value) to use as contest prizes, employee

   incentives, or however you wish.
• Recognition of your restaurant or pizzeria will be
   included in large scale, post-event coverage in the
   Times Colonist following the event.  Circulation to
   over 50,000 households daily!
• Recognition of your restaurant or pizzeria will be
   included in our new “eat here” flyer, handed out to 500+ attendees and displayed in the
   Times Colonist post-event.  Your company name, logo and location will be identified within a
   regional map showcasing our 2020 pizza donors.
• Cool certificate of participation for display in your store / restaurant.

Photo credit: Maryam Morrison
How to enter


   (four each of your top two pizzas). Remember, the more
   pizza you donate, the
more of your pizza gets tried.
Second: Fill in and submit your Pizza Pigout Application
   by clicking this handy



Then: We will arrange a time slot for your delivery

   person to meet us at Distrikt Nightclub on
   Thursday, October 22nd.
Next: Get your pizzas ready! - Thursday, October 22nd! 

   Have them cut into 16 sample slices and have them
   delivered at your predetermined time slot.
At the event: We’ll tag your pizzas, set them up, and let the feast begin!
And finally: Read the Times Colonist in the days following the event, for recognition of your     invaluable pizza contribution!

Photo credit: Maryam Morrison

THANK YOU for joining the greatest Pizza Showcase in Victoria - we couldn’t do it without your support!

Distrikt Nightclub

The Strathcona

919 – Douglas Street


KidSport Greater Victoria

Box 345, 185 – 911 Yates Street